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Plastic Tax

Another postponement in sight for the Plastic Tax.

This is what Palazzo Chigi communicates in the note that follows the approval of the Budget Planning Document by the Council of Ministers and in which it is announced that the new tax will go into effect in 2023 (no definitive date has yet been made in this regard).

The Plastic Tax, which dictated the discipline of the tax on the consumption of plastic products with single use (in acronym MACSI), was established by law no. 160 (2020 budget law) in article 1, paragraphs 634-658.

Currently, the start of taxation is scheduled for 1 January 2022 by article 9, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 25 May 2021, n. 73. Now this probable postponement would postpone it to 2023.

We remind you that the Plastic Tax is a tax with a fixed value of 0.45 euro cents for each kilo of disposable plastic products sold (the so-called MACSI). The new tax will mainly be borne by the manufacturers of MACSI, any importers of MACSI products and, of course, the buyer.

Since the announcement of its introduction, in 2019, the plastic tax has raised a crawl of controversy, especially from the world of industry, which would be penalized by the measure.

Again on October 16 u.s. the President of Confindustria had wished: “I would like there to be no new taxes in the next budget law, and I am also referring to the so-called plastic and sugar taxes. This is not the time to create other difficulties for businesses”.

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